Privacy Policy

Overview of the Privacy Policy

A Design Theory understands your concern about how you use and share information. We will make sure that the information you provide is handled in a diligent manner. By visiting the website, you agree to be governed by the terms and conditions contained in this privacy policy of A Design Theory’s privacy policies are a detailed framework explaining how the information related to person is effectively managed. By using this website, you have given your consent to be bound by this Privacy Policy to gather and use your personal information.

We Honour Our Commitment

'A Design Theory' is obligated to protect your Privacy and acknowledges that the users have their right to privacy. A Design Theory will not entertain or sell any of its visitors' personal information to third parties. We do not collect personal information online or share it with unrelated organisations unless otherwise stated in this Online Privacy Policy. Personal information of the visitors are bound by contractual obligations, resulting in a safe and secure management of Personal Information

Update of Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and return to this page from time to time to check for any updates. A Design Theory reserves all the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the new terms on this website unless otherwise stated, all updated conditions take an immediate effect upon the users of the website on the date noted in the posted Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Information

We collect and record any information provided on our website or Application, via phone, email, or online form. When you request a service or contact us for customer assistance, for example, this information may be gathered. Below is a list of the types of information we receive from visitors to the A Design Theory website. ‘A Design Theory’ can gather data through various sources for various purposes. The information will include your personal information (name, telephone number, email address). The data so collected will be used to call back the visitors for their requirements.

Usage of Data

We will communicate with you by email or telephone and will make every effort to honor your preferences. We will also send you information on new products, services, special savings, promotions and general information. When necessary, A Design Theory will send you service-related announcements, which are not promotional in nature.

Other Information

We gather and record information whenever a visitor lands in our website. We gather this data to better equip ourselves about the kind of services our customers need. The information thus collected is strictly for our website review purposes. ‘A Design Theory’ will not gather or use the information so collected for any other purpose without notice.

Cookies Policy

The user's preferences and other data regarding the user's website visit can be recorded by the computer. During this procedure, we do not collect information about specific individuals. You may be able to disable cookies in your web browser, but certain services may not function properly if you do so. When you book office space, for example, we employ cookies in the checkout process to maintain track of your order as you progress through the booking process. Third-party services, such as cookies and other digital identifiers, may be used by 'A Design Theory' to collect and handle personal information on our behalf. You can disable cookies on your computer by adjusting the settings in your browser's preferences or options menu.

Security of Information

We follow generally accepted industry technical standards to protect personal information submitted to us throughout the process right from the start to end.

Usage of Social Media Icons

Social networking icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be found on the A Design Theory website. We have installed these features and in order for them to perform effectively, they require data of IP address of the visitor. For eg: the page our visitors land on.

Reporting Suspicious Mails

'A Design Theory,' ensures reasonable precautions are taken to prevent spam email transmission. Every email that A Design Theory receives is subjected to a spam check. 'A Design Theory' reserves the right to refuse or report any suspicious spam emails to the proper authorities.

Conditions of Use

By visiting A Design Theory's website, the visitor is bound by the Privacy Notice and our Disclaimer, which includes, but is not limited to, the rules on damages limitations and the application of Indian law. Please bear in mind that any other A Design Theory agreements you may have may supersede this policy. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact our customer care team, and we will do our best to resolve them. The Privacy Notice in force at the time of usage will apply to the information we collect now. You indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to be governed by this Privacy Notice by using or browsing around the website or using any of the services we provide here.

Information Security Policy

A Design Theory prioritises information security, which is a critical success component. Increased security expectations of customers, shareholders, and international markets have placed additional responsibilities on us for the protection of information assets. The objective of Information Security Policy (ISP) is to ensure the information security of A Design Theory and to minimize the risk of damage by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact. We maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of A Design Theory information assets to prevent any adverse effect on our operations and our professional standing and to provide a secure work environment to our employees, client and interested parties. We have our security objectives and strategies to meet them effectively. A Design Theory follows a comprehensive information security management system that includes people, processes, and technology at all levels. A Design Theory adopts all complete security procedures from grass root level for all of our information assets resulting in a strong control system. We carry out our information security responsibilities and duties by carefully following to contractual requirements in all circumstances. A Design Theory values the customer trust gained through consistent efforts in the area of information security.