Brand Story

A Design Theory is an Architecture and Interior Design studio, driven by a strong passion for the intricacy of the art. At A Design Theory, we build stories and create a wealth of layered experiences. We consider the importance of all five senses in our approach to design, as well as the physical, emotional and aesthetic parts of the space. We craft each project with a timeless, luxurious and holistic approach.

We believe in providing healthy interiors as it is the door to a healthy lifestyle. Allowing ample flow of natural light, fresh air, bringing the outdoors in. We also bring sustainability into our designs through the use of fabrics, furniture and others, whenever possible.
Recycle, Revitalize, Repurpose.

Art is a very crucial part of design, so we source artwork from around the globe to find the most well-suited piece of art for each of our projects.

Founder & Creative Director

Anahita Rattha

Profoundly known for her background in real estate and property development, Anahita has always been intrigued by the process of construction and the intricacy of the art of interiors.

A design theory incorporates a wide range of creative and technical proficiency in the field of Residential, Commercial, Landscaping, Hospitality, and Retail Designing. Anahita’s creative approach provides a colossal multi-faceted expertise, mastering the platform of design with her vast experience and knowledge in the arena of designing. Subtle Art is our core ideation for creating unique design theories with quality interiors and designs for your well-being. A design theory operates on imparting luxury and comfort spaces that enhances your layered sensory experience in rhythm with your affinity to our versatile layouts.

Our Mission

A Design Theory is an interior design and architecture firm based in India and headquartered in Chennai, specializing in luxury interiors and architectural designs. We have worked on several projects ranging from residential developments to office spaces and hospitality. ‘A Design Theory’ has a remarkable experience in giving life to your dream designs.

A Design Theory is an eminent name in the design and architecture industry with a strong presence in the interior design field. We at ‘A Design Theory’ aim at creating experiences through well-designed pieces of architecture and interiors. Our designs are futuristic and minimalistic with innovative colorful patterns and sophisticated detailing. ‘A Design Theory’ offers luxe interior designs, modern art, and contemporary architectural styles.

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We provide exquisite design services for residential, commercial, office spaces, and hospitality projects.

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