Architecture is the art of designing aesthetic buildings and planning functional spaces. We help you find the right balance between design, beauty, practicality, and functionality in your interiors. We aesthetically revolutionize your spaces into works of art that give you a surreal experience.

We guide you through the initial planning stages to visualize your concept and help you find the right designs and architectural plans.

‘A Design Theory’ delivers a wide array of architectural services; including Interior Architecture for residential projects and commercial developments. Our architects meticulously plan the usage of materials for facades and cladding which elevates the aesthetic appeal of your home and spaces that reflect your business. At ‘A Design Theory’, we have a prominent team of skilled architects with a wide range of expertise in designing, construction, renovation and optimization of residential and commercial developments that cater to your needs and give you a comfortable luxury living experience.

We design healthy, ecologically considerate, and sustainable pieces of architecture.

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We provide exquisite design services for residential, commercial, office spaces, and hospitality projects.

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