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A design theory focuses on crafting beautiful spaces that emphasize healthy living and positivity. We create environments with socially conscious systems and materials to promote the harmonious balance between physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being while sustaining the natural environment. We curate designs with a blend of nature to provide you with a serene space for self-discovery and relaxation! Design accompanied by comfort defines the most innate spaces of the house. Efficiency-driven sustainability not only contributes to the increased contentment and convenience but also for a profitable effect on the future by ensuring a healthy and responsible existence.

Buddha Interior Design

Eco-friendly Materials

Materials and assets should be picked efficiently, remembering their extraction, creation, transportation, and handling alongside removal. Polyethylene can be transformed into furniture which is solid and strong. Genuine cotton, linen, and hemp can be used as primary materials for bedsheets and upholstery while rugs and carpets can be produced using recycled plastic. The use of cork flooring and bio-glass, eco-paint, and green lights strategically in the right space can go a long way toward minimizing environmental effects.

Recycle & Revamp

Refurbishing can now be achieved without trading off the aesthetic and stylistic value of interior design. A wide variety of refurbished, ecologically robust products that are visually appealing aid in setting up a sustainable and eco-friendly space. Recycled paper and non-petroleum resin are quickly replacing traditional alternatives and are being utilized to create gorgeous worktops, sinks, and decorative items. Choosing engineered materials that were produced using recycled squander or can be revived/reused toward the finish of their life cycle could decrease the exhaustion of assets, minimizing waste.

Energy proficient Designs

Natural lighting and ideal tones with proficient protection can chop down energy utilization essentially. While blinds and shades can assist with managing the light, draperies, and tapestry go about as covers that restrain both impure air and the sun's intensity. Reflecting surfaces amplify the beauty of interior designs which makes your home look brighter and lively in a natural way. While concrete blocks and stones are utilized in hot conditions to save the cold in the interiors, in colder locales, wood is utilized to retain the warmth offering thermal comfort for the occupants.


Fragrance is an essential element while planning interior spaces as it has the ability to set the mood and ambience while managing emotional perceptions and memories. Products that have natural fragrances like citrus, floral, woody, oriental, and sweet cater to the thought process and behavioral pattern. The addition of suitable natural scents in accordance with the space complements the atmosphere along with the visual appeal. Sensory designs connect with the persona that makes the interior more personalized.

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