Project Name: Workafella Interiors

11 Centers (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai)

The interiors of Workafella’s centers designed exclusively to create the vibe of ergonomic and high-energy office spaces. The radiant social hubs and recreational areas curated to rejuvenate the spirit of working for the employees. Vast open areas are a window to natural light, igniting fresh thinking and innovative ideas. Stunning interiors across its array of private offices with comfort exemplified. The creative corners designed with zestful colour combinations are a visual treat to enhance the thought process. A variety of workstations including hot desks, dedicated desks and readymade desks are setup with luxury interiors. Office spaces with 6 seaters, 10 seaters, 150 seaters, and 200 seaters are custom-built to match the comfort and the requirement of the client.

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